Mixing Louis Vuitton Patterns?

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  1. I have Damier Neverfull that I wear on my university's campus. I was in a rush this morning and decided I needed extra space so I was about to grab my Monogram Speedy too, but then I realized I'd be wearing two LV bags with different patterns and I thought it might look strange. Has anyone ever done this? :smile:
  2. Never needed to do so, but I think it's ok.
  3. I see no problem with it at all.
  4. I mix with my accessories, but I've never carried two LVs at once before so I don't know about full bags :smile:.
  5. I don't see any problem with it as well. It would be weird if you were carrying...like let's say...two Speedys though.

  6. Hahahah I literally laughed out loud at this! :P
  7. I actually like it ! Mono and ebene are nice together IMO. Just DONT add an azur in... That would be, hummm - another story!
  8. I always mix patterns.

  9. OK with me...
  10. its fine to mix patterns
  11. I love mixing patterns! I think Mono and Damier go so well together. :tup:
  12. Go for it!

    I've carried my Bloomsbury and my Graphite Keepall at the same time, while pulling out my mono insolite ... it's LV, it all goes well together :biggrin:
  13. i think it's fine....2 speedies would definitely have been weird though lmao!
  14. I mix all the time! My purses never match my Damier Graphite laptop but they all still look good together.

    I say, go for it.
  15. sounds great to me!!