mixing leather sofa with other furniture

  1. thanks for the suggestion
    One possibility (and I thought about this for the whole room) would be Ikea slipcover furniture. Then if the slipcover was destroyed you could change it.

    Or getting a new leather sofa, keeping the old leather recliner and getting a slipcover for my chair which I love but the side has been badly damaged by evil kitty.

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    I believe it's important to keep in mind what you use your rooms for 95% of the time. *You, your DH* have to be comfortable there. Don't worry about the remaining 5% when company comes over.

    When we lived in Minnesota, we had a very small house, actually it always seemed like a witch's cottage to me, so enchanting. Being from Europe, Christmas Eve was the big holiday. Wouldn't you know it, the neighborhood open house I had with more than 30 people in that tiny area all at the same time, perched on whatever seating was available, was a rousing success.

    If I may give a recommendation: Don't view your home through the eyes of a visitor. It's you and your loved ones who make a passel of bricks a home. The sweetest, most comfortable apartments or houses I've ever visited were often very modest but reflected the spirit of the people living there, mismatched furniture, dust and all. And some of the most sterile were the ones that that so much money was spent on. They often made me feel I sat in a shop window, all so perfect, so polished and clean where I doubted any real living ever took place.

    Let your rooms grow, give them time.
  3. OMG, I have one of those, too! 18 years old, The Big Shredder.
  4. so cute, aren't they? my other kitty has recently decided he likes scratching on my area rug.

  5. excellent point....I was just saying to DH that I need to keep in mind whatever we get it should be as comfortable as what we have.....rather than going out and getting something that looks good -- I understand your point is not just about physical comfort but along similar lines -- this is mainly for our daily use

  6. I don't like the look of an all leather room at all, but I'm not into things matching. In our living room we have a dark brown leather sofa, two striped upholstered chairs, and a large upholstered ottoman in place of a coffee table. The fabric on the ottoman is a sort of tapestry or paisley type and the colors are the same as the striped chairs. The trim is dark leather like the couch.

    Dark furniture works for us because we have kids and a dog.
  7. that sounds very nice - well coordinated. We can't go with too much dark furniture as the room doesn't get very much light.....I'm leaning towards a lighter brown leather sofa, keeping the dark brown leather recliner and not sure about the rest...

  8. I personally don't like the look of all leather furniture. We just ordered a black leather sectional for our living room. We are keeping our fabric red loveseat in the living room also.
  9. Test all different styles in a way you would use a sofa at home. Do you like to sit with your legs curled up? Do you like to lie down on it? Do you feel happiest sitting in the center? Remember to take your shoes off before you place your feet on the sofa, if that is your sitting style.
    Consider the height and depth of the seat. Take into account the height of the back as well. Do you prefer a tight-back sofa or one with loose cushions? Try out all different cushion configurations to see which one feels right.
  10. My MIL has a medium old brown leather sofa (old, but high quality) and she recently added an antique-looking dark red/gold re-upholstered couch as well. It looks amazing together! But it wasn't cheap...
  11. I just did two white Ikea chaise lounge chairs, one armless chair to match it-set all three in a row against the wall and have a big Ikea white overstuffed arm chair in the corner. Has to be the most comfortable furniture ever. Everyone who comes over loves to sit in this room because they say they are so comfortable. I bought another set of white slipcovers for them so when I wash I always have a set on the furniture. I could see Ikea working with leather.

    I was at a friend's house the other day. She has two huge leather chairs and a ottoman in dark brown leather. Bought a new sofa in light tan microfiber fabric and put colofrul pottery barn pillows in tans, reds and blue on the furniture. The pillows were both solid and sea theme prints. Loved the look.
  12. Hi, I'm really enjoying This thread so many different ideas, I work in an interior design shop in the UK and out shop is set like a living room, in it there are 2 large deep brown chesterfield sofas, a smaller "club" chair that matches the sofa, and a Winged back fireside chair in fabric, the room works beautifully! There are similar colour/ fabric cushions on the chairs and sofas. And there is light coloured wooden furniture to accompany. IMO fabric and leather work well together given the right colour pallet or overall theme, maybe 3 colours overall, one or 2 that are main and the third that ties everything together,

    I'd love to see what you decide and pic when it's done? X
  13. For our family room, we originally purchased a very traditional cordovan leather sofa and a coordinating chair covered in a dark tapestry fabric (various green and burgundy tones). The tables and entertainment center are dark wood and the walls are a pale khaki color.

    We had a chocolate colored leather chair and ottoman in the living room. It was a bit crowded in there and we needed the seating in the family room, so we moved the chair to the other side of the family room sofa. The room looks very nice and well coordinated even with the different leathers and fabrics.