mixing leather sofa with other furniture

  1. we are contemplating buying a leather sofa, probably dark brown or maybe a bit lighter brown if we can find it. I'm thinking that getting a leather sofa plus leather chair and love seat is too much dark brown leather. I'd like to have some fabric - either furniture or pillows - in lighter colors to brighten the room.

    DH has a dark brown leather recliner; he'd like to keep it or get another recliner.

    I'm thinking mixing a new leather sofa with the old traditional leather chair might not fly.

    We could do two pieces of new leather - chair and sofa or chair and loveseat plus a fabric covered chair.

    If we try to do a new leather sofa, plus the old leather chair in a similar but not exact matching color and add a fabric piece, probably too much mix-up?

    This is going into a Mexican/Spanish country style home with a small cozy living room.

    Any suggestions from decorators or creative people will be appreciated.
  2. How about a leather sofa and recliner with a large fabric ottoman?
  3. that sounds nice but wouldn't you want a third piece of seating? either love seat or another chair?

  4. I guess it depends on how much room you have and how much entertaining you do. I have a sofa, recliner, and chair-and-a-half. The chair-and-a-half never gets used other than as a recepticle for throw pillow and blankets. We rarely ever have anyone over at our house, so I wish I had saved my money on that one.

    If you have people over often or have a large space, then a third piece would probably be better.
  5. Why not do the leather sofa in a color other than dark brown? Something lighter like a tan, cream or I actually saw a gorgeous sage green leather soda recently. I think the problem is too many dark colors rather than too much leather. Also, make sure you don't have too much bulky furniture, especially since the room is small. Have a side chair or two that is lighter colored and also lighter in size and shape. Break it all up with coffee or side tables than are not brown (wood.) You could use stone, glass, or metal.

    Another option...Do you have a den or tv room or one living area? Is there a more casual space you could use the recliner?
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    It looks like it can be done. I am trying to find a picture for you.
  7. If you keep the style similar between the old recliner and new sofa that should be fine, maybe you could find something a bit old looking, that would be very complimentary to your Spanish country style. A love seat or chair and a half and a big coffee table sized ottoman in the same or coordinating fabrics would round it out. You could also add a smaller side chair in fabric if you have the space. Toss coordinating pillows on both sofa and love seat to make a visual connection. Sounds like a fun project, good luck!
  8. you're right about the dark color.....I was thinking brown because that's mostly what's out there and won't show dirt. Maybe I need to look harder. I wouldn't go as light as cream but tan or another color could work if I found it in a style I liked.

  9. Im finding your post a bit confusing. I would not mix leather furniture with fabric furniture..a foot stool maybe but I would not add a fabric chair or something..I just think it looks tacky.

    Leather furniture is supposed to look luxurious, and when it's mixed and matched with non leather, I think it makes it look like the furniture budget ran out before the room was outfitted.

    Just my opinion. I'm not a professional decorator by any means.
  10. I don't like all leather furniture in a room. I have seen leather couches with fabric arm chairs and love this look. I also don't love brown leather furniture but it wears well and you could never see any dirt or stains. I have 2 dark brown leather couches and they are really comfortable but will change one out for a white slipcovered couch. My sister has the most beautiful dark mint green leather sofa in her bedroom. I think she bought it from Eathan Allens on sale a few years ago and it is still in like new condition. She worked with a decorator and just redid her living room and has two dark brown leather sofas, 2 fabric chairs in a print with 2 ottomans in a solid color that matches one color of the chairs. It looks very pretty. Can you get ideas from furniture catalogs or online on how to pull together a room with different furniture? I think Pottery Barn , Ballard Designs and West Elm offer some great room ideas.
  11. thanks Gillianna
    I went to Thomasville yesterday to get some ideas. There was a very nice designer who helped me. They have a sofa/chair that has a leather base (different color choices) with fabric pillows (again many fabric options). Unfortunately it's $6K - on sale with rebate. I can't see spending that for a couple with cats.
    It did give me an idea though - I could try to find a lighter brown/tan leather sofa and chair so it would contrast with the existing recliner and not look it was trying to match. JC Penny online has some leather furniture that comes in different colors so I'm going to go there and see what they have at the store to look at. It's hard to judge colors on a computer screen.
    I agree I'd rather have some fabric in the room instead of all leather but our cat has destroyed the sides of the upholstered furniture.
    Possibly I could get an upholstered ottoman in a coordinating fabric and maybe tie in with pillows.

  12. i don't see anything wrong with mixing leather with other materials. think pottery barn!! especially if you're thinking of getting something in a dark brown, it would be lovely to get a pair of arm chairs in a small print fabric, large print, or just a lovely textured fabric. i don't see anything wrong with it as long as they all tie in together somehow with color. i think it's a bit over kill to do all leather, even in wearable outfits!
  13. I think the leather sofa to coordinate with and not match the recliner is a great solution. And I also favor a fabric piece included instead of all leather in a room. Matchy-matchy isn't a theme that often works well, especially in decorating.

    And you surely know your cat better than I do, but don't assume that she will not claw a leather sofa until you know for sure (perhaps you already know she doesn't like leather). Many cats have no issues clawing leather or fabric, so the sofa may not be safe from damage simply because it is leather instead.
  14. there is some damage to the leather recliner but it's tiny pucture marks from him walking on it. he doesn't use the side of it for scratching as he does with the fabric furniture.

    as far as matchy-matchy, I agree with you. But if my 2 leather pieces don't match, then it seems like the 3rd piece should match one of them. I think having two different color leather pieces - sofa and chair - and then a fabric chair might be too haphazard. what do you think?

  15. I don't agree. If I were you I would consider a print or stripe fabric chair. It could incorporate the tones of the other pieces, plus add a new color, and all would work together. Also, it would hide cat scratches more. Maybe look into an indoor/outdoor fabric for durability.
    Ballard Designs is a good place too start-not too expensive, and the chairs are offered in many fabrics.