Mixing em up?

  1. What is the opinion of placing a different color clouchette (sp?) on your Kelly's or Birkins?
    For contrast or just for fun
  2. I never thought of it...it would be cute! :tup::tup::tup:
  3. Not for me. But you go ahead and post your pic!!!
  4. Gracekelly...you are funny!^^
  5. I think that's a fascinating idea. With the right combination and scarf, that could be smashing!!! Thanks for the idea. You may have started a worldwide change in the Hermes look. When we see pics of movie stars with mixed colors, we'll know where they got the idea. Love it.
  6. Hey, I only have one bag, and one clochette, one day I might be able to answer this question.
  7. Actually I was thinking about doing that today!! (I had a bit of a clochette issue yesterday, LOL)
    I very nearly put a Rouge H clochette on my black Birkin, but decided against it at the last minute, mainly because I ended up wearing a pink sweater.
    I think it's a fun idea. It's kinda punk rock. Except, Hermes. LOL
  8. My SA and I played around with this idea last spring and with the right colors I really like the look ....but just check out the eBay finds thread, I have already willingly called my own taste into question, :p,... I know that it is not for everyone...but some Hermes colors mix together nicely. Raisin w/ vert anis, for example ...imo chevres often look great and it is nice to imagine what you would SO as a bi-color or special interior and then mix from there. It isn't for everyone. It happened for me because a clochette for a bag that I bought had to be sent away and so my SA and I had to improvise and we sort of went a little crazy with the exercise.
  9. I honestly think it could work!:nuts: I'd love to see some pics!!! Anyone?
  10. Not for me
  11. I think this would work!! :p
  12. Me too!
  13. I don't know-I like my H bags to be matchy-matchy!!
  14. YES!!! If it pleases your eye.....then go for it!