mixing costume and fine jewelry

  1. I love nice jewelry. I buy a lot of costume jewelry from target and thrift stores, but I also love buying fine jewelry. Does anyone else do this, wear both costume and fine jewelry at the same time? I tend to do this quite a bit, but of course I stick to the same color family. My costume jewelry is usually bead necklaces or bracelets. My fine jewelry is usually nice rings and earrings. Do you only stay with fine jewelry? Do you only buy costume jewelry? Or do you mix and match between the two?
  2. I mix all the time!!!!!

    Last night I had a huge fabulous party to go to (this happens very rarely!). I wore large white pearl earings that were suspended by a line of diamonds, a huge black opal surrounded by bling on a thick yellow gold chocker and a black opal ring that was also over sized as a rhr, and on my wrists I had my costum GAS jewellery which is very funky and whymsical in silver!!!! It actually all looked great but probably sounds crazy!!!!
  3. Right now I've got a Rolex on one hand and a wooden beaded bracelet on the other hand. I mix all the time.
  4. Mix all the time!
  5. What is considered costume jewelry and what is fine jewelry? I have real diamond/gemstone/pearl stuff that I still consider costume jewelry, because it was inexpensive. I don't really understand the difference. If it looks good together, I wear it together... I don't really think about it :shrugs:
  6. I don't buy costume jewelry. I have some things from when I was in high school and two necklaces that I bought at one of those Lia Sophia things b/c a friend hosted (and never worn!), but I prefer to put money toward the real thing, rather than buying costume pieces.
  7. I mix all the time, I like a bit of variety in what I wear. I'll wear, say a necklace with shells on it and a diamond ring together.
  8. I wear diamonds,a Rolex and two silver bracelets that I love,everything is white metal so it all sort of matches,I don't think I would ever really stop wearing a bit of silver here and there. Oooo,and I'm road testing a cz single stone pendant thats also in silver to see if sometime I might want the real thing. AND now I think about it,I do wear a big oval fossilized coral and silver ring in the summer when I am a bit suntanned!!!! OR hahaha!!! A big oval turquiose ring!! So yeh!!! I mix costume and real!!!!!!

  9. I consider costume jewelry stuff that is plastic or rhinestones, basically if you walk in the store it would not be in a jewelry case because there is no real value. At least that is how I think of costume jewelry. It is is real diamond, pearl, gemstone etc...even if inexpensive, I would consider it fine jewelry.
  10. I wear real (diamond studs, watch, ring) along with costume(mostly bracelets, necklaces) everyday.
  11. The real reason I asked, I love fine jewelry, but I never see anyone talk about costume jewelry on this forum. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I was wondering if I was the only one that mixed costume and fine jewelry. I know some people who buy strictly fine jewelry and no costume jewelry. My mom is a good example of that. She doesn't really buy costume jewelry, whereas I buy what I think is pretty. So, I was wondering if I was the only one that did that or did others also mix and match.
  12. OOOO,just do as you like!! There are'nt really any rules and I have seen some of my freinds who wear THE most massive diamonds wear all kinds of bits and bobs and it looks really funky!!! I think there are no hard and fast rules that apply anymore,which is great as it opens up a lot more fun with experimenting and playing about!!!!xxxxx:tup:
  13. I mix fine jewelry with costume jewelry everyday and loving it! :p
    Daily, I wear my diamond engagement ring and diamond band, diamond pendant, diamond bracelet, and steel/yg Rolex and top them with costume dangling earrings in silver, gold plated or funky stimulated stones ......whatever my mood is. I do away with diamond studs since I have long hair. Anything not dangling with hide the earrings. Then I wear playful toe rings when I wear open toe sandals.
  14. :huh:OOOOooooooo Toe rings with sandals,silly me I've never thought of that before!! Sounds divine!!!!!!!:tup:
  15. Oh I have to mix. :smile: I don't mix metal colors but I love all sorts of jewelry so I definitely mix. I'm wearing a sort of cheapy fashion necklace today as a matter of fact. :smile: But my watch is pretty nice and my earrings are very simple.

    I say mix away!