Mixing colors of bag and mirror

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  1. Okay....I know this is crazy and I will completely understand if you all laugh and make fun of me....BUT, I'm in a weird mood and put my magenta mirror on my new violet day bag! I know! I must be completely out of my mind! lol....

    Anyway, I was wondering how come no one does this? I think it looks kind of fun and bohemian...And if you can't decide which color to wear one day, it kind of solves that problem! :yes:

    I sort of got the idea from seeing a bag at Barneys today that had a combination of green, jaune and violet....
  2. I like it!! But I'm sure a lot of people on here like their matchy matchy type stuff ya know?
  3. Kinda cute ... cool idea!
  4. That is cute! You should always rock your bag however you want. I used to always trim my tassles a little bit and some thought it was crazy to do that. But you should always customize and have fun!

    Side note....I never use the mirror. I have no use for it, so it always gets removed.
  5. the two colors compliment each other very well:smile:
  6. I have purchased a bunch of extra tassels from BalNY and I usually put a co-ordinating, or contrasting tassel on my bag, I think it looks very cute!

    I wish you well,

  7. I like that idea too, putting different colored tassels on the bags....Did you just call up the store and ask for specific colors? Or do they just have them in stock at the Bal store?
  8. It's a cute idea! I love it!
  9. I have read that the SA's can be snooty about buying the tassels, but my SA is fabulous, maybe it helps that I have bought several bags from her, so she knows me. I give her a list of what I am looking for and she will look and see if she has it. You can only buy 2 sets at a time for $11.00. I try and not call too often, so she doesn't get tired of me!

    I wish you well,

  10. I think if you like it then do it. I remember at the PF meet for the trunk show at Balny, Oulacious (sp?) had a contrasting mirror hanging from outside of her caramel city (think the mirror was yellow) and it worked.

    Certainly got me thinking! I like the idea, esp if the 2 colours compliment.
  11. i love the color combination...violet and magenta is just a great pair....very cute :smile:
  12. It's cute, and the two colors looks nice together!
    I don't use the mirrors at all, but it's interesting to look at others who play around with them. ;)
  13. i saw a pic on here a couple months ago of a girl w/a camel city or twiggy and yellow mirror ...i actually think it was a pic from the balenciaga NY meet up... the girl was tall and blonde, i'm not 100% sure if she was a tPF member or not. but it looked really cute - it was a good combo.

    your violet day is really beautiful, btw.. i love the leather.
  14. We are both talking about the same person :yes: It was Oulacious (sp?). It was a caramel city with the yellow mirror. I remember because my gf with me pointed it out and how cool it looked.
  15. Love it! Oula, I would love to see a pic of your combo...