Mixing Business With Pleasure ?

  1. Personally i have never dated anyone within my professional work space, i just don't believe it would be healthy for the work environment.

    How do you feel about dating and working in the same office ?

    Have you ever been apart of a situation where you /or a colleague is dating a co worker or her/his boss ?
  2. I'd have to agree.. don't dip the pen into company ink !

    But if it's for the right person, wouldn't anyone do just about anything ? ;)
  3. It is tricky I think. Vlad and I consider this forum and blog a business sort of deal, but we have done really well with mixing business and pleasure. There was a point when Vlad and I were in a fight and we did argue a bit about the site... ha! But I think it TOTALLY depends of what sort of business it is also
  4. I had 2 ex's that I worked with, and it was tricky to keep the 2 separate. We did the best we could to make it work, but the pressure is tough and when colleagues do find out, you unwillingly become the talk of the office. We were smart enough to keep it quiet and when it didn't work out, I was lucky that we were both mature enough to keep it to ourselves. I would never recommend this though, it's very hard - unless of course you are lucky enough to find your soulmate that way, then by all means - go for it.

    I don't think all couples that meet through work are as fortunate as Vlad and Megs.
  5. I met my husband at work. I was a marketing person (planner for the product we were working on); he was the VP in charge of developing all the software (the functionality of the product). If there had been people who wanted to make things difficult for us it could well have happened. But we were lucky and there were never any negative consequences. We met around 1988 and were in a relationship til we retired in 1998 (and got married in 1999).
  6. I also met my husband at work-- we work in the pharma industry. He is a scientist and I'm in management.
  7. Don't get your honey where you make your money...
  8. never fug the company ;) :yes: (until it is the boss but he has to propose first :graucho: )
  10. One of the companies I worked at for several years had a co-worker who was seeing another co-worker and - you guessed it - they were the focal point of alot of "watercooler discussions". Not a good thing (shakes head)...
    I tried to maintain a distance from those discussions as much as possible because I wasn't into office politics (and still am not).
  11. I met my BF at our workplace six years ago. Then again it was Abercrombie, put a bunch of college age guys and girls together and the hormones are practically visible.

    I wouldn't do it in a real office place.
  12. well... way over 10 years ago..I was doing CPR on a patient in an ER and in came the cutest ER doc....I never dated people I worked with..ESPECIALLY the docs there...The nurses in the ER kept telling me he was "looking " at me....hhmmm....
    Long story short..that night he came out with friends from work...and we havent been apart since..Fell in love with him that night and couldnt be apart from him.We moved in together within 6 months and a year from that...we were getting married.Yep-Thats PHH!!..NO REGRETS.
  13. I've dated lots of people at school and in my department, and know of many other inter-office/inter-departmental affairs and relationships. A couple of them have even worked out and turned into marraiges:smile:

    The guys I work with are the main prospects around! It's really pretty hard to meet people other places besides bars...and we all know that doesn't always work out well.

    Of course it is a bit awkward when you break up...but academics are preety cooky anyway, so it all usually works out in the long run.
  14. I don't believe in dating people you work with. I had one such relationship and when we broke up it was awful. I didn't want to go to work. I quickly found another job - which turned out for the best but I would never do that to myself again. Peggy
  15. I work in a school and there are so many relationships between the faculty that sometimes I feel like we are on a reality show on MTV. Luckily, I am happily married and stay out of the drama.