Mixing Brands

  1. Just curious how people feel about mixing brands/logos.

    I have a coach monkey charm on my LV and a coach skull on my Gucci, and my mom made a comment, she said "why did you put a coach charm on a LV?" like it degraded the LV status or something. I didn't think about it until then, I just put it on because it looks adorable. I am also looking for a scarf for any of my bags but I think if the scarf has a signature pattern on it, I would not put it on a signature bag unless it was the same brand (ie. no coach sig scarf on a mono LV but maybe if either the scarf or the bag didnt have a sig pattern).

    Also, which do you think looks better, to be mixing different designer brands, or to be wearing/carrying all the same designer. Im sure the less you are wearing gets the least snotty comments, but that aside...
  2. Maybe you are right, LV:sweatdrop: good, but i haven't it.
  3. well, i always use my coach sig wallet in my mono lv. i think when people have too much o a brand like lv or dior all monogram, it looks fake, also a bit like a fashion victim. but u r right, i wouldnt mix 2 diff monos
  4. I have the tendancy to not mix brands but I have noticed that many of the members here do and it looks awesome. Sometimes putting everything together by one designer looks contrived. The purpose of fashion is to look great. Mixing matching is done in the fashion mags all the time.
  5. My thoughts exactly! All one designer looks fake.
  6. I like too many things and can't allow myself that much out of my budget to put it all to one designer, and I like the thrill of find more than getting things for their retail price.
    The ONLY time I've ever bought anything I wear or carry for retail price was my amarante 4 key holder last month, nothing designer or nothing else in my closet has ever been acquired for original price--it just feels wrong when I do XD probably because I am working full time to pay school on my own and I'm a full time student

    I think it depends on what the items are, if everything from one brand looks cheap or not. I don't think some people look cheap that way, but usually those people aren't carrying monogram or heavy logo items all together.
  7. There have been some threads about this topic previously. Generally, I don't see what the big deal is. Granted I have a LV mono wallet and cles in my LV mono bag, but I also have a new D&B cosmetic bag in there. It looks fine that way, because they both have vachetta trim.