Mixing # Brand names together?

  1. I'm new to LV. I got my Speedys & cles this month and at 32 they were my first LV purchases. Needless to say, I'm thrilled with the whole experience!:okay:

    Before that, I was into Burberry and I still love it...
    The other day, as I was leaving the house in a rush, I wraped my Burberry scarf around my neck and grabbed my Mini Lin Speedy but then I stopped to think if it was too much and if it was a no no :nogood: to mix designers together...
    I ended up staying on the safe side by getting my plain -no designer name- beige scarf...

    What do you think about mixing designers items together (read those with logos)?
    Is it too much?
    Is it still classy?
    Or does it look more like designer galore?:shrugs:
  2. Well, I don't know what others think about it but I do it all the time. I have a few Burberry scarfs and jackets I love to wear so I mix designers all the time.
  3. a bit of Prada looks good and something plain, nothing too logo-ish KWIM ?
  4. I'm with beljwl here - I do it all the time too!!! lol :p
  5. As long as it looks good and feels good to you, brand name or not, go for it. LOL, I CANNOT afford everything LV only.:s
  6. I only mix sometimes...I have a pair of black/black Chanel Cambon flats that look great with LVs and I always wear Burberry scarves with my LVs, especially my Damier and Vernis ones.
  7. I think head to toe LV would be overkill if they're covered in the lv logo. Same with any other designer, too. You gotta have some balance. However if the pieces don't distract from each other and if you go easy on the logos it would be OK.
  8. i use my burberry scarf and coat w/ my LVs all the time!
  9. :yes:

    I wear LV shawl and bag with Hermes watch. It's ok to mix with other designers.
  10. I mix too
  11. True style and fashion comes from being able to identify yourself with a mixture of brands, trends, colors, and time frames, and making an identity all your own. When logos are involved I would proceed with caution. I saw a woman with too much going on, it did not look good.
  12. As well as not restricting yourself soley to 'luxury' items. Style knows no price bar.
  13. I wear my Burberry Constance jacket all the time with my LVs. I think it's okay to mix and match as long as you don't have too many different designers going on.
  14. I just posted a similar thread in the Coach forum. I just got my first Gucci and LV bag, but only have a bunch of Coach accessories.

    I plan to continue to use my favorite Coach items in my new bags.
  15. I'm always mixing brands