Mixing and matching Burberry bikini pieces... how do we feel about this?

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  1. Sooo I'm going to Miami then on a cruise in a week and a half. Its hard to find *nice* bikinis up here in Canada... Let alone in the dead of winter. I ordered 3 really bikinis from Victoria's Secret (basically our only option). I was walking through Holts today and notcied they had tonss of bikinis.

    I tried on the ones that are mix and match pieces... they are the ones with the nova check trim. I picked up the black one and the greyish/beige coloured one. I loveddd the way they looked but bc I have a little bit of a booty I found the string bottoms to be cut too brazilian on the backside ...kwim? I lovedd the way it looked though... I ended up trying on *plain* black and white string bikini bottoms that I felt a lot more comfortable in. So I ended up walking out with the two top pieces and plain black + white bottoms. I know its not just that style swimsuit bc I have a Burberry string bikini from 2006 and I've never been crazy about the bottoms fitting on me (and back then the two pieces came together so I couldn't mix + match sizes).

    Sooo my Q to you guys... Is it tacky to mix and match? Should I just go get the bottoms and return one of the tops?
  2. I think it's fine to mix and match.