Mixed feelings about rising prices in Coach bags


It is what it is
Jun 19, 2009
There are several bags I like from the Spring 2011 Kristin line but the bags are now $698 instead of Kristin's usualy $398 or so prices.

The Spring bags are quite pricey and while they are gorgeous, with Coach's quality issues lately probably due to mass production, I really am questioning if it is worth it. I really wanted a few but am having a hard time swallowing $698 for a Coach bag (not meant to offend anyone at all).

Anyone else feeling this? It's probably just me and my wallet (who doesn't want to participate in my spending spree ;)


May 21, 2008
By The Ocean
The pricing was in line with current market conditions, that appears to be changing now - consumer wise - and the new prices reflect that.


Sep 16, 2008
my house
I won't be paying those prices (not even w/PCE) after seeing firsthand the way quality has been. NO WAY! I guess my wallet will be happy.


Apr 14, 2010
Yes, I feel the exact same way! It just seems to me that Coach's prices keep getting higher and higher. :shucks:
Nov 15, 2009
I agree, I won't be paying those prices either! Most of my bags are FP deletes that go to the outlet and for me $400 is already astronomical for a bag so if those will be the prices I will have to conform to going to the outlet a few times a year- Guess I will be buying less. What ticks me off about increasing prices is that the cost of labour in China is cheap therefore an increase to prices is not justified (in my humble opinion). If the bags were made in the States I could understand that the prices would be increasing.


Retail Therapy :)
Oct 9, 2009
I tend to agree... as much as I'm in love with that green Kristin that's coming out I don't see how it (in comparison to other Coach bags) is worth $698.


It is what it is
Jun 19, 2009
Don't get me wrong, I love Coach bags. And I do understand that their bags, overall, are priced cheaper than other designer brands, even at $700 a bag. What aggravates me is that other brands might be classic and stand the test of time in quality and style (lasting 10+ years or more) and can ask $1,000+ prices on bags and be well warranted for doing so, I don't feel that Coach is in the same bracket (obviously).

I know all brands will have some bad apples as far as quality in some bags but recently Coach has had quite a few and we see it daily. So, for that issue, I don't think they are doing their customers right by raising prices if they aren't going to raise the quality. KWIM?

And again, I love Coach too and don't mean to offend anyone by my post. ;)


Cookies, please?!
Jul 16, 2010
Cen Cal
Well, I guess I am going to have a wait and see approach. We don't really have confirmation on a lot of these bags regarding material, price, availability, etc. We don't even really have sizes. There could be different sizes available in spring at a lower price point, or even price adjustments prior to release.

Because the only information we have at this point was a sneak peak, of course Coach is going to put out the most expensive and high end stuff. So I am hopeful that as more information becomes available, we will see the entire line and many different options at different price points.

When Nitrolicious did the fall sneak peak, a lot of the bags were the big, expensive ones such as Floral Sophia, the Hamptons line, python, etc. But there were still lots of more affordable bags this fall.


Jan 5, 2010
I feel that the prices are becoming outrageous. I have two leather Carlys, one leather Zoe, one Kristin East West. I purchased them all new on eBay for way less than half the retail price on each of them. The Zoe is the only MFF. The closest outlet is a three hour drive. I know people bash eBay but I am very careful from whom I buy and have had no problems so far. I will not pay full retail price for these bags. I am an older Coach lover so I am not big into the trendy styles. I started buying in the late eighties. Since then, the prices have soared and the quality has plunged.


Aug 30, 2010
Sunny San Diego
I totally agree, if the bag isn't going to last t least 10 years, it's not worth a huge chunk of my money. $400 is also my limit on coach bags, after that, my money is worth more in LV currency. ;)


Feb 8, 2009
I agree with glazebrookgirl....some of these styles may have smaller sizes....besides noticed with the fall sneak peek that the more expensive bags were posted there as well yet in reality we did have some less expensive bags to choose from. For the sake of the promo they may be posting many of the top of the line bags