Mixed Feeling For LV.. Please Help..

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  1. #1 Jul 22, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2016
    I have a mixed feeling with LV. I feel like I have to make this thread. I know LV since more than 20 years. LV was my first brand. All member of my family also love LV. I have tried lots of other brand but I always come back to LV. I have lots of LV bag. I have many reveal in LV thread. I am quite active in LV thread compare to other brand thread.
    As people said, first love never die.. But now.. Again I experienced a bad quality bag.. I just feel tired. This is NOT the first time..
    I got Melie for my birthday gift from hubby. In few weeks, not even a month, the bag is showing hole on the corner and fading on the canvas. It really broke my heart..
    I bring back to LV and waiting for more than 1 weeks to get answers. Now my SA call me and said they will give me a new bag. A new Melie.. I feel like... What ??? A new Melie ? I love Melie bag, I got many compliments when I use the bag and I know how comfortable and beautiful the bag is. But will the same problem happen again ? I just feel tired..
    On the other hand, if I can choose other bag, I totally have no idea which bag to choose. Somehow I feel "off".. That's why I said I have a mixed feeling.. Feeling love for the brand, sad for the broken bag, happy for they will give an new bag and confuse for choosing a new one..
    Hubby ask me to think about which bag to get, he doesn't want me to take another Melie. Please help me to choose..
    Thanks for helping me out. Sorry if I write a long one.
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  2. Ask for a store credit and then take your time to find something else you like. Don't just consider bags, look at SLGs, shoes, bracelets and etc. Does your hubby like LV? Maybe he could get something as well.
  3. I'm sorry that it's been a roller coaster for you lately for your love/hate relationship with LV. Do what you think is best for you and hubby.
  4. That is so disappointing! Of course you are feeling tired and frustrated.

    I agree with Calipursegal's suggestion: Ask for a store credit and take your time deciding what you want. Maybe it's not even another bag, but shoes, a scarf or SLG such as a wallet. If you haven't done so already, look at the epi, empreinte and other leather. You may like them more than the canvas. Good luck!
  5. I also agree with Calipursegal's suggestion. I would take a credit note and take your time to choose something different, I would also be a bit concerned that the same problem may happen again if you get the same bag.
  6. Sorry to hear it was a disappointing experience. It's understandable that you now feel "off". Take a store credit and take your time deciding, let this bad feeling pass. :hugs:
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  7. Thank you everyone. My SA told me I can change to other bag. Hubby told me to think about it, he don't really want I change to store credit because it's a birthday gift and my birthday is on May. He want me to have a new gift soon.
    Please help me to choose new bag.. I am ok with old design.. As long as the bag is problem free.. Thanks..
  8. That sucks aye? But at least you get another new bag..wishing you luck your way
  9. Pictures would have been helpful.
  10. I have posted my defect bag pictures on Melie clubhouse..
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  11. Well it sounds like you do like the melie, why not give it another chance? It seems like a popular bag that many are happy with, you may have just gotten the one bad apple in the stores lot. I would give it another try and if a problem arises with it you will know its something with the style of the bag not just a random defect and then at that point go for a store credit, at least that's what I would do.
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  12. I love Melie, but if you go to Melie thread, many people having the same problem like mine. So I better stay away from this bag..
    Any suggestions on other bag ? Thanks..
  13. I agree with SpeedyJC, if you really like the Melie then why not give it another chance? Considering your husband isn't too keen on you getting a store credit it's worth thinking about.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide :smile:
  14. Sorry, I must have posted my reply at the same time you did :smile: What about the Iena or the Duomo Hobo? Or the Montaigne or Delightful?
  15. Anyone..? Can help me to choose a new bag ? Thanks..