Mixed bag pieces (literally LOL)


I "bag" to differ =P
Dec 3, 2006
Hi! My name's Brii, and am a noob. LOL As I've described in the Newcomers' Lounge, I came across this site about a couple of weeks ago, and have been lurking until I finally signed up yesterday (or in this case, 2 days ago since it's 12:08 am). I love bags so much, and lean more towards the Italian designer ones.:love: I started buying bags in 2003, it was brought about by getting introduced to designer vinyl toy collectibles by my artist ex-bf, that led to even more collecting, this time those beautiful 18-inch fashion dolls from Ashton- Drake, Robert Tonner, Madame Alexander, etc., and then that finally brought me to my senses :rolleyes: (or out of it LOL) to try getting a single piece of designer bag, just to put a stop to my curiosity/craving, thinking it would be the last, or so I thought. My label of choice...to enhance my bland wardrobe, was Gucci! And so my ex and I agreed to just get a Gucci bag, while we were in Barcelona in Winter 2003, to get "the itch" over with. LOL So, he's really to blame :yes: why I constantly have this "need" to get me a splurge bag, at least once a year. After all, I guess I have so much catching up to do! LOL

P.S. I opted for my toys to model the bags, for more fun. :graucho: LOL Gucci's from Barcelona, Jimmy's from Las Vegas, Fendi (RIP) :crybaby: from Detroit airport...gave to my sister, Bottega Veneta from Neiman Marcus in Cali, and from Holt Renfrew here in Toronto are Hogan, Marc Jacobs, Chloé,and Tod's. Speaking of Holt Renfrew, and since I don't have an evening/holiday bag, am so excited to get my first LV before X'mas, and I have my eye on the Monogram Satin Aumônière. Wish me luck! LOL


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I had to post this separately coz of max 5 pics upload, as you guys know it :shame: . I hope you enjoy, as I really love these babies! :heart: MJ and Chloé I haven't really used that much -- that's how much I love them. :lol:

See ya!


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Hi Svette :smile: These figures are urban vinyl toys, they are actually dubbed "designer" coz they're from toy designers and illustrators such as Nathan Jurevicius, David Horvath, etc., and two of these artists you must have heard of: Gary Baseman works in animated films and well, there's Simone Legno who came up with Tokidoki, and he actually has some cool bag designs for LeSportsac. :amuse: Oh, btw, these artists are supergorgeous too! LOL
I saw some figurines before and i love Tokidoki line, i got quite a few bags from the line LOL
Are these figurines expensive too? if you dont mne me asking:smile:
Thanks Minami. :smile: Um, svetty, since I think toys are kinda out of topic, I am sure you're gonna have a blast browsing that sole designer toystore on Queen St. W called Magic Pony. If you want, pm me and I can give you their location. Take care.:supacool:
Thanks John 5 and xoAKIxo!! :smile: I love them too!:love: I'm not allowed to buy anymore though, which totally sucks! LOL Just have to wait for another valid reason to get more shopping done in the near future, am actually dying to get that short-ish Spring 07 Burberry trench coat and a pair of Gucci flats hopefully soon.:drool:

P.S. I love your myspace pics John 5, they look fantastic, and love your LV beanie -- looks awesome on you! :smile: