Mix Quilted Tote price

  1. I am liking the look and the functionality of the Mix Quilted Totes. Are these on sale or are they newer items? For some reason, it didn't appeal to me before. The more I look at it, it seems like a great everyday bag.
  2. this is my favorite mj bag (right now anyway)! the grey one went on sale and the black did at certain department stores. Barneys.com still has a black one, but it's full price. it originally retailed for $1495. if you call around Nordstrom, neiman, or bergdorf, you might be able to get a return for 40-60% off. good luck!
  3. I think certain colors were on sale/marked down but I don't think there are any left anywhere - most of the mix quilted bags I've seen are all full price. There are several colors/styles. In fact, at the new Marc by MJ store (that just opened here in Chicago) they had several of the Mixed quilted bags - they had a gorgeous Taupe (Gray?) colored one - Yellow, Ivory, Black. I believe the price was $1295 (I don't know if she meant that it was a special price for all of them or if one of the styles was $1295 - there were at least 2 different styles/sizes).

    I've also seen these at Nordstroms in Black, Yellow, Brown and Ivory.
  4. Well, it would be great to get it on sale. This is a bag I would probably pay full price for, though. It is something I know I would use a lot. I am not planning on buying one until next month probably.
  5. here's one that has recently been listed on eBay. it's the grey one although the very eloquent and waxing poetic seller describes it as a moss green/steel color. it looks good to me, but if you want to be sure, i would ask for additional pictures specifically of the serial tag, back of the zipperhead, close-ups of the hardware, and the gold 'marc jacobs' logo stamp.

  6. I got mine (in black) on sale at Bloomingdales during the presale for Thanksgiving week. It was 30% off ($1495 marked down to $1046). I always wondered if the sale was a "mistake," though, because I didn't see the black versions on sale at many other retailers. I highly recommend it, even at full price. It's a great bag! :tup:

  7. I purchased it in early Dec. at Barneys for $599 in the gray color. It really is so pretty. I saw a black one today at Barney's SF for full price though.