Mix-N-Match Fun: Design Your Perfect Coach!

  1. Have you ever bought a bag and thought, "if it were just (insert here), it would be perfect?"

    Well, here's your chance to have some fun! Who knows, maybe the designers at Coach will find our ideas and use them for next year!:tup:

    Here's mine:

    Combine the signature stripe tote style with the embossed signature leather...this would be my perfect tote! Oh, and add a bright lining or legacy lining inside!
    stripetote.jpg hamtpons_hobo2.jpg
  2. Here is mine...the embossed red leather on Carly...oh yeah, with legacy stripe lining!
  3. kphillips,

    Great idea! I bet that would be gorgeous! I really hope they do more with the embossed leather sig next year...it's perfect for those of us like the signature to be a bit more subtle....
  4. [​IMG][​IMG]
    I want the ergo in this color, but in the sig. fabric, not leather, although leather wouldn't be so bad either ;)
  5. a medium lily and a leigh in clay (and a medium lily in whiskey)
  6. I would love a Large Leather Carly in Beet, Ink or Juniper. Also more bags in the embossed signature leather (bigger bags too! Those medium satchels are too small for me). I also like the subtlety of that look.
  7. Oh, I would also like a "true" MINI Lily in any color - the medium is still too big for me!
  8. A pale pink sig gallery tote but with the CCs a little metallic like on the studded gallery tote. Oh and with a pink silk interior, maybe even a pretty little floral pattern. I think I could be very happy with that bag :cutesy: !
  9. I want a whole special order department, where I can choose from a variety of styles, pick the leather, the hardware, adjustable strap length, etc. Sort of like Hermes but without the price tag :shocked:
  10. Well since the Ergo tote will be coming out in pebbled leather...guess I am okay there, although an embossed signature Ergo tote would be nice too.

    I also want a Sig Stripe bag with a grass green stripe and khaki signature complete with Compact Clutch wallet and other accessories.
  11. This:
    but smaller, and I'm good.
  12. :drool: I'd buy that!
  13. i want ali to come back and be available in juniper!!
  14. I think I'd be pretty happy if we could just get our hands on all the stuff on the Japanese website!! So much pink!
  15. I want a black on black Carly with silver hardware! and a bag in the tattersall print that isnt really BIG (like the the travel tote) or really SMALL (like the pouch), just in between! (and stain resistant!- ha!)