Mix is having a bbag sale now

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  1. I just came back from the Mix store here in Houston. They have some bbags on sale for 30% off. I saw the pink, blue jeans and white first. They probably also have some city on sale, but I am not sure about the color. Their phone number is 713.522.0606.
  2. I just called. They said there is no sale.
  3. Did they get all sold out already? :sad:
  4. The last time I went there because I heard there was a sale they told me none of their Balenciaga was on sale either. Do you shop there often to where you get specials that normal clients don't?
  5. A lady called me and told me they have few bbags put on sale for 30% off, I went there and got a lilac first.
  6. If you call, you might ask for Liz. She seems to be the one who knows the most about b-bags.
  7. I called them earlier and they are having 30% off on some bags. Here is the list they gave me:
    First - Lilac, Pale Pink, (Blue Jean?:shrugs: )
    Box - Pale Pink, White, Black
    City - Brown, truffle, Black, (Light Blue?:shrugs: )
    Weekender - Lilac
    I asked about the Blue Jean and Light Blue but they could not describe them well, so i have no idea which ones are they.:confused1:
  8. Thanks for the info Nanaz! You're always such a sweetheart!!!
  9. Forgive my ignorance...but what kind of store is "Mix"? :shrugs:

  10. Larnette, Mix is an amazing boutique in Houston that sells designer clothes and before NM start carrying b-bags (very recently), they were the only seller of b-bags in Houston. My family is from there and I've been a few times. Very cool place!


  11. ^Mix is a boutique in Houston that sells designer items. It's in this super cool townhome... I got my Work from there...

    welcome to mix...online
  12. Looks fab!! My best friend is from Houston...I'll need to hit her up for a trip soon!! Wish we had one out here! Thanks for the info!;)
  13. could it be blue jean = blueberry and light blue= blue india?
  14. blue jean is cornflower, I believe--well, that's what NM called it... so confusing! I wish there weren't so many diff. names for each color!
  15. I thought blue jean is that denim fabric they have in some B-bag design.