Mix Azur and Epi?

  1. Hi All,

    Just wondering if anyone mixes Azur and Epi. I don't recall seeing that here. It is probably a "no-no". I have a Black Epi Speedy 25 and an Azur cles and a mini pouch. The speedy has silver hardware and of course the Azur has gold. Would that totally clash? I am looking to livin' up my bag and was thinking that maybe I could use the cles with an option for a purse charm. I am about to send the Azur items back to Eluxury and trying to think of a way to keep them. ;)
    What do you all think about it?
    Thanks in advance for your thoughts. :smile:
  2. Hmmmm I think I'd have to see them together. In my head it sounds a little strange, but maybe it will actually look really great! You never know before you try!
  3. My general rule of thumb is "if it is all LV it all works together!" Go for it! Individuality rocks!
  4. I mix the other way.....Azur Speedy 30 w/Rouge Epi Cles. Here's a pix of it:idea:
    Azur bubble.jpg
  5. Mandy- thanks, I will give it a try before I send them back.

    D-Style- I like your way of thinking. :supacool: :jammin: Thanks!
  6. I think it's OK. I like Ivoire epi mixed with Azur...