Mix and Match, show and tell

  1. I took this picture earlier to show my combo awaiting my new antigua towel.

    It made me think about how I like to mix and match.

    Do you have some favorite combos? I will post some of mine, and would love to others :smile:
  2. Ooooh charms and antigua, how unique !
  3. Favorite combo #1

    Hermes, box calf birkin, 40, wallet and card case
    LV jessica mules
    MC scarf (white for summer / black for fall)...wish I had the black jessica shoes!
    MC wapity
    2005 cruise sunglasses
  4. You should take a group shot, it looks like you have quite the collection ! :graucho:
  5. Those pics are gorgeous and I agree with Ayla, please take a group shot
  6. Favorite combo #2

    red epi riviera, w/ shoulder strap
    2005 denimn mules, with red croc trim
    denimn bandana
  7. The all look fabulous! You should really take a group shot, for us to drool over, as it looks like you have an amazing collection.
  8. Last one, I will bore you with...my favorite travel group.

    cerise carryall
    Chocolate, hermes togo birkin, 40
    cerise scarf
    cerise mules

    MIA 60 pegase
    MIA Alma voyage MM
    Sorry too lazt to drag them down from the rafters for a pic
  9. All gorgeous, but I particularly like the kelly ! :graucho:
  10. LOL, just noticed I block the LV on riviera with the shoes (or it's on the other side...not much of a photographer. I will do a group shot next week...Tuesday is my home day....but after I started dragging everything out, it was all over the dining room....and wanted to get it put away before DH got home.....it seems like so much more when it is all out, than tucked away in the closet and armoire.....and I have been hinting I want a aureila GM for my birthday.

    I will try and talk him into getting the MC luggage (from NM 2004...or was 2003...) from the rafters, so that can go in the pics too :smile:
  11. WOOHOOOO! MsB!!! You made it here:yahoo: ! All of my old Shopaholic purse-obsessed bagaholic friends are finally coming over here like I've been begging you to!
    I remember when you got those Jessica shoes. OMG, I would still kill for them if I could find them.
    PLEASE take a photo of all of your bags- I think you will blow us away with it:P
  12. :nuts: :nuts: Wow your collection is amazing!!!! :tender: P.S. You might want to watermark your photos;)
  13. Your combinations are amazing!
    I specially love love the Riviera with the denim...very nice!
    I don't know about the rest, but you've given me great ideas ;)

    Ayla, what Kelly?
    Did I miss a pic?
    I the only Hermes I am seeing are Birkins.
  14. Haha, my mistake, I looked too fast ! :shame:

    First Hermes ! :graucho:
  15. I frickin love ALL of those!