mix and match? cute, eh or tacky?

  1. So i have a problem...i love LV and i love gucci :sad:

    I pretty much know the answer to this, but i want to be wrong, i really really really want to be wrong :crybaby:

    So i have a lot of lv accessories/bags and a lot of gucci accessories/bags...im a huge monogram freak so i end up having like a gucci mono wallet in an LV mono purse!!

    i know i know tacky, but i kind of like it...but i kind of dont...but then i kind of do ohhh man im a lost soul! anyone else feel like this?!?

    Ok and another question i have...i LOVE my gucci planner, but the gucci inserts are SO very boring, but ive seen the LV ones and they are SO cute!!! so what if i get the LV inserts for my gucci planner...i dont know maybe ill even clip a cles on it to make it match? i dont know ahhhh help im going to cry :sad:
  2. Mix and match whatever you want - esp wallets and purses. I'm not sure if the inserts will match the other planner, but...

    I just think too much mono on the outside might be a bit much - but whatever you want inside your purse is good :smile:
  3. thanks queenmab...but umm well i wouldnt get the monogram cles....maybe an azur one :smile: or maybe like a colorful one or something subtle

  4. yeah, mix them up as you want lol. Since last week, I begin to use my small TODS canvas tote with ANNA SUI wallet and Azur cles in it. Azue cles is really cute. In a hot place like AZ, we can use Azur all year long...
  5. If you like them mixed then do it.

    I don't mix different designers.
  6. Yes, I am all about mixing and matching!

    (I sometimes use Tiffany twilly on my LV bag and sometimes I use Coach bag charm or scarf on my LV bag)
  7. I have a few LV wallets I bought but havent used yet because I have 2 excelent Gucci wallets, the platium britt which I love and the silver guccissima that is in its box. I used the Gucci wallet in all of my bags.It isnt monogram though , so maybe thats better. I think it is ok on the inside but I wouldnt go for anything on the outsde,no mono LV hanging off of a mono Gucci, just my opinion.
  8. Mix it up! I used to use my Gucci for an everyday work bag and my Wapity as my wallet. I do have a Gucci wallet but I hate changing wallets everyday. My co-worker said to me.. "You're brand mixing!" and made it sound like a sin. And I just replied "SO?" I loved it!
  9. I like to mix rather than match. I always put my MC White Pochette as a small bag inside a larger bag - whichever bag it is for the day. Also, I put my LV MC Cles on my Work bbag and then if I have to carry another bag I like to carry Speedy vs. smaller bbag. Same goes for mono keepall - I probably wouldn't carry my Speedy at the same time! Here is a photo of a LV + Bbag:
  10. Your bags & accessories are there for you to enjoy - mix & match, tomorrow is my white Chanel expandable tote with my pomme LV Koala wallet :p
  11. I mix and match LV accessories in my bags! I don't care if they don't match. I bought them because I love them.
  12. That's not tacky at all! Be proud to mix and match! :biggrin:
  13. I think it looks really cute! As long as they are all AUTHENTIC of course ;)
  14. hehe thanks guys! i was so ready for order inserts from my gucci SA and then i was like why am i paying like 40 bucks for something so blah ?!?! it only says gucci on ONE spot and the paper is like newspaper print!! i mean i guess its classy but i want something FUN! my accessories are all tiffanys hehe (pen and bookmark) i have a little gucci charm on it...but i want fun inserts!!!

    so maybe i WILL get LV ones!! itll be like combining TWO OF MY PASSIONS hehe :smile: wohooo!!! thanks

    and btw dell, OF COURSEEEE everything i own is authentic...yuck i would never carry a fake!!!

  15. Who cares! Mix and match your heart out lol! I love gucci and LV too and put my LV stuff in my gucci bags... nothing wrong with that!