1. I want one too. I dont know where I can get one. I like bags # 8 & 9

    Guess who's carrying the same bag? Kate Bosworth in fabric I guess...

    You guys have any idea how much this is? And where I can get one?
    2558-436x600.jpg 2757-417x600.jpg
  2. Actually, Kate's is brown suede, and available on NM.com for $1295.
  3. Ooo...I like that. Would be better in leather though.
  4. you know i liked that bag when it first came out, but im wondering if theyre just advertising it by handing it to everyone. everyone seems to be carrying one of these ...
  5. $1495 for the leather version and it also comes in black for the leather.

    It's also available at Bergdorf.
  6. One thing about Miu Miu bags -- they tend to be useful as well as cute. This one looks, definitely, like it fits that bill.