MIUMIU Pleated Messenger Bag @NM

  1. Love that there are no measurements for the bag on either site!
  2. Sigh, I can't take more bags otherwise I'll order......

    I searched and found:

    13"H x 17"W x 6"D

  3. That's a gorgeous bag, at a great price..too bad it's too similar to the Jimmy Choo Rana bag I just bought!
  4. Poof! GOne!
  5. darn I missed it! I :heart: messenger bags.
  6. I was thinking about the Rana. How do you like it? Have you posted a pic?:smile:
  7. Wow...that is a nice bag!!! Awesome price!!!
  8. The Rana is one of my favourite bags that I own! I like the shape a lot better than other Choo bags that I've seen. It sits so nicely on my shoulder, with or without a puffy jacket ..there are pics on my blog...I'm trying to find the post I made in the Jimmy Choo section...but I can't seem to find it :shrugs:
  9. I ordered this and then returned it. The quality was actually quite amazing, but it was absolutely HUGE and really bulky. The zippers were totally cumbersome. I couldn't really see carrying it around on a daily basis. Plus it was HELLA heavy. Alas, I'm still hunting for the holy grail.
  10. Good to know! :okay:

    I've been lusting after this bag, but heavy is a deal-killer for me. :nogood:
  11. It's back up on bg
  12. Does anyone (maybe you, jenfrisky) know if the strap is adjustable on the Miu Miu messenger? With messenger bags, I like having the strap long to wear across the body, but short to wear on the shoulder. Thanks for any info - if the bag comes back up @NM or BG I'll decide based on your answer!
  13. I think there are a few holes to adjust the straps but not enough to wear it on the shoulder. That's actually one of the primary reasons that I returned it. It hung really low. It's so unfortunate, because the picture is really cute.