miumiu frame bag! D-DAY (decision day!!)

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  1. hey guys

    i was jsut about to order the frame bag from miu miu from Saks but then I was at BG cuz i wanted to see if i can avoid taxes and then i saw this other bag which looks a lot like the one i was gonna get...but its not...the most obvious thing i can see is the gold chain (reminds me of a stam...so i feel like maybe miumiu is trying to copy MJ?? which i dont like!)...but that bag is really cute too...

    so i posted the pics and if you guys could give me your thoughts on it itd be great!!! but im gonna have my frame bag soon heeh SO HAPPY :yahoo:! thanks!!
    NMV8483_mp.jpg BGV9100_mp.jpg
  2. actually i think the BG bag is much smaller...so i think i might still stick with the bigger one...hehehe...sorry to bug you guys!
  3. i think the leather is different. one's shiny one's matte. they're both so pretty though.
  4. i LOVE it!
    i think it's pretty :P
  5. ^^ my vote goes to moo-moo #1!!! :love:
    DSCF2913 REV.jpg
  6. I like it a lot.
  7. ^^ are you a new moo-moo owner yet?!?! :love:
  8. not yet!!! soon i hope!! im hoping for a 10% Saks code to turn up soon!!! :P
  9. ^
    Oh, that 10% off code would be helpful!! Any idea when that may happen?
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