miumiu box question

  1. Hi,

    I sort of have a question for you guys. The miumiu bag I ordered from bergdorfgoodman.com came in today :yahoo: and I am wondering why it didn't came in with the box. :confused1: This is my first time ordering from them. Is this how things are at bergdorf online? :shrugs:

  2. I just ordered a gauffre from Saks - no box either, which is fine with me - they take up too much room! In fact, the only bag I ever bought that came with a box was my Loro Piana...and I got that at Neiman Marcus in person! It's a wonderful box...which is why I took it!
  3. ordered the oversized leather tote from Saks, came without a box too
  4. thanks guys... :p
  5. Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf's don't carry the designer's boxes for most items when you order online. I bought a lot and I never got the designer's boxes, just a Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf gift box.