miumiu bow satchel in HK

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  1. my boyfriends going to hong kong in mid-april and he's getting me the miumiu bow satchel for my graduation/getting a job present. he's such a sweetheart:girlsigh:so.. that leads to my question.. is the bow satchel (old version) is still available in HK and in what colors?

    thanks in advance! :yahoo:
  2. WOW, congradulations! And what a sweet boyfriend! He's definetly a keeper if he's getting you a bow :P

    Hrm... I am not sure if HK still has the old bow, I just know that it's REALLY HARD TO FIND right now.. around the UK and the US. I am not sure about Asia. Wait for a tPFer who lives in Asia to answer your question!
  3. Last week, I saw the older version bow satchel in pink at the Admiralty Miu Miu store in Hong Kong.
    It looks lovely.
    If it's in Alluminio, I would've snatch it right up.
    Cant remember the price, but it's not that different from the retail price in the states.