MIU2's NEW MIU MIU (Harlequin pics)

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  1. Well, here she is - the first of 3 new Harlequins for me!! I took some shots of her with my dear coffer so that you could get an idea as to just how big this bag is!! I LOVE the size, the pockets, the colors............just everything about this new baby!! :love:
  2. Congrats- I can't wait to see the other two!
  3. More pics........................
  4. That is gorgeous!!!! shiny shiny soft soft!!!! I just got out my harlequin to caress it and think it's your large one! oh no.... I want a big one now!!!! stupid ban! :crybaby:
  5. Gorgeous, Miu! Congrats to you! :tup:
  6. Beautiful! Is the leather as soft as it looks?
    Thanks too for the comparison shots. You are a lucky girl!
  7. nice one!! ur so lucky to have so much handbags!!! i wish i have the money to keep buying!! hehe!!
  8. Stunning!! Congrats to you
  9. Beautiful!! I love that big one.
  10. Congratulations on one beautiful bag!! I cant wait to see your blue one. So what color is in the bag is that a brown I see?
    Just amazing!
  11. wow, she's so pretty! beautiful color, congrats!!
  12. Yes, soft in that distressed leather-type of way, if you know what I mean.

    The colors are dusty pink, burgundy, grey and black. No brown, but wouldn't that be a great color scheme (the brown hues) for one of these bags??? :yes:
  13. OMG this bag is amazing...conograts
  14. gorgeous colors!
  15. wow...that's gorgeous. I want to kick myself for passing it up in Hong Kong.