Miu2 gets her Gauffre afterall!!

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  1. OMG OMG OMG!! Congrats miu2!! :yahoo: That is SUCH a beautiful bag :drool: So glad you got her in the end!! It's a really great deal too! :nuts: Please post photos when she arrives!
  2. Congrats Miu2. Yes, it is def. a good buy. I love Coffer and Gauffre too, they're truely sister!
  4. yay you got her and yes it is a fabulous deal. wow
  5. The condition looks GREAT, so it looks like a TERRRRIFIC deal to me!! YAY for you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. congrats!!

    ps. did you get my PM?
  7. congrats miu2...sounds like a great deal
  8. I sure did Rosemary. Didn't you get my PM reply?? Maybe I goofed it up so I'll repeat here..................
    HOPE YOU HAD THE HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS, Rosemary!!! :balloon::balloon::drinks:
  9. Thanks to all!! PP - thank you for all your help as well. :okay:
  10. congratulations !! looks gorgeous and that is an awesome price.
  11. Awesome bag with an awesome deal! Congratulation!
  12. GREAT Deal Miu2!
    Beautiful! Great compliment to your Coffer Collection.
    Hope you had a crazy time at DL!
  13. Congratulations.
  14. Congrats on ur great find...

    She's so gorgeous!!!:yes: