Miu Mui purse in my local social magazine and family picture of my two Miu Miu's!!!!!

Dec 30, 2007
Miu Miu heaven
So here I am once again complaning to DH about how hard it is to find Miu Miu purses online in a country where almost nobody knows what Miu Miu is when he brings me home the two January issues of our local society magazines...and as soon as I open it the first thing I see is a picture of a woman carrying a Miu Miu bag!!!!!!!!!! I was soo happy I decided to post a picture of the picture :P Then, I open the second magazine and I find a picture of the same woman carrying the same purse but you can barely see it in the pictures...although I don't know the style name I figured I'd share my find with you...and also, a picture of my own Miu Miu family of two...Zaffiro coffer and an unknown style that made me fell in love with Miu Miu two years ago! :graucho:



loves pink!!!
Jan 26, 2007
I love seeing pics of bags I love on celebs or just in general. I absolutely adore your silver bag too!