Miu Miu's In Action!

  1. Let's share photos of our Miu Miu bags in action as they share our days!
  2. I'll start. Here's my pewter lamb Miu Miu. I almost sold this when I bought my silver Diorama and I'm so glad I didn't. She's the perfect, neutral run around bag which the Diorama just can't be. IMG_1767.jpg
  3. Pink Miu miu bag while trying on some skirts, lol :smile: And a cat-print leather Miu miu iPhone case :hbeat: tpf miu12 tpf.jpg Backup_of_IMG_9477a tpf m-.jpg
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  4. planning ahead some holiday outfits with my Miu miu earrings :girlsigh: IMG_1935a.jpg
  5. Taking my Miu miu wallet to the local grocery store :P IMG_0574a.jpg
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  6. It's been awfully quiet in the Miu miu section :crybaby:

    My Miu miu tote, paired with a black Miu miu cardigan, navy Miu miu parka (in the back) and classic Chanel pearl bracelet :smile: IMG_5732a.jpg
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  7. My new Miu miu coin purse resting on the blankets :biggrin:
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