miu miu

  1. Has anyone ever seen the new miu miu jean purses? I went to St. Armonds Circle today and almost bought one. I thought I should check their site but it doesnt link to anything. Am I missing something? It is so cute and it looks like I may have to drive 2 hours tomorrow to go back and buy it!!
  2. [​IMG]Is this the one or similar to it? Cutie...I like too! :smile:
  3. it seems to me that the jean purses are quite popular. i saw a few in nm and liked the large size a lot - i think it has 3 sizes? however, one week later i went back, and they were all gone...
    i like miumiu purses. i have a few and i always look forward to checking out the new styles every season.

    happy shopping!
  4. cute kitty, pinkie meow!
  5. pursemama, it's a lil similar. I went back and it was gone!! I knew I should have of got it then!:smile: