Miu Miu

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  1. i don't know if you do, but i have to say that lately Miu Miu is really growing on me....
    i really like the new collection, chlotes, shoes, handbags, even accessories.....
    :love: :love: :love:
    so, girls, what do you think????

    here are some of the pieces i like the most.....

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


  2. I love the first dress and the shoes!!! I can't tell about the second dress because it is not on a model. I have always been a huge fan of their bags- so sturdy and chic. Where did you find all these? I want the shoes!!!!
  3. i'm loving the dresses they're so feminine and cute....totally something i'd wear :love:


    although at $1400 that second dress is a little outta my price range :Push:
  4. I'm a great fan of Miu Miu. I find their line to be cheeky and chic.
  5. found it on Net-A-Porter Megs!!
    now i'll post the 2nd dress on a model!!!!it's all really cute and the shoes aren't expensive at all!!!
  6. here's the dress!
    and the shoes in white....
    ...and in gold....they're $350
  7. Those shoes are so cute. I love them.
  8. I love love love these glittering flats


    but the whole s/s 2006 collection is great!
  9. that first dress is amazing!!:love:

    The flats are great...the purse is cute...everything.
  10. I think they do so really cute girly whimsical stuff. I love looking at their pieces.
  11. I'm a great fan of miu miu, their bags are so cute. And I love this spring line, the dresses are lovely and the shoes very pretty, too. I personally prefer miu miu over prada.
  12. miu miu has been growin on me to. I saw a bag yesterday at NM.. and just loved the shape and leather and the price wasn't bad either.
  13. I think they provide something a wee bit different.
  14. I love it!! Miu Miu is helping me induge my CA urges until I can move there! So CUTE! ;)
  15. i love miu miu..i just bought MIU MIU BELT yesterday..
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