miu miu - yay or nay?

  1. [​IMG]
    this patten in flats... yay or nay?
  2. It's cute with the right outfit.
  3. cute! i almost got a pair of miu miu similar to those (plain leather instead of print canvas) at the Barneys sale!
  4. Yay
  5. I like them!
  6. Definite Yay!
  7. I'd wear them round the pool in a fabulous 50's glamour swimsuit!

    At first I hated them but after looking at them for a few mins! J'adore!
  8. yay!!
    love miu miu flats and that pattern is gorgeous!:nuts:
  9. Yay! :yes:
  10. I think that pattern in flats would be adorable!
  11. Yay !! very pretty.
  12. Yay!
  13. Definitely yay! Those are adorable!
  14. Yes! Get"em Girl!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. oh thank you all for your replies!! that's SOOOOOOOO reassuring because i did get them on sale! but i do need to break them in a little to see if they can stay comfortable for long.. they are half size smaller than what i usually wear; but they ran out of my size...yay thanks!