miu miu without authentication tags?

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  1. I recently bought 2 miu mius from NM. One of them is a 2007 design (I believe) and had an authentication card. The other one is of unknown year (probably more recent though) and did not come with authentication card.

    When I called Neiman Marcus about this, the handbag manager said he has never heard of Miu Miu carrying authentication cards. My question is- do ALL Miu Miu bags come with authentication? And if I don't have the card do you think I should keep the bag???

  2. I personally have never heard of them but you can ask someone who really knows, on the Authenticate this thread, Rosemary and Miu2 certainly know their stuff. I would keep them if you really like them, you obviously bought them from a reliable source i am sure that NM would never sell fake items, and if you like them why not!
  3. thanks heffalump. I called Miu Miu boutique in LA and they said the bags do not come with authentication cards but do come with a "product card" and care card.
  4. I ordered a Miu Miu from Bergdorf Goodman (same warehouse as NM), and it also did not come with any product cards. It did have the info printed on a sticker similar to the cards and stuck on the lining of the inside pocket, which I thought was odd.

    I did get the cards with a bag I got at Saks.
  5. hi ehc2010 hope this helps, i am familiar with Dior and know that they definitely should come with authentication cards but not all designer bags do.
  6. Miu Mius come with a "style card" and a care card. Not a plastic authentication card like Prada and other brands come with.

    Usually legitimate retailers (NM, Saks, BG, etc) will send both cards with the bags. Sometimes they lose them or whatever. MM stores will keep the "style card" (what you refer to as the product card) and will only give you the care card. I don't know why they keep the card, but they do.

    I wouldn't worry about not having the style card since you bought your bags from a legit source.