Miu Miu wallets at Holts?

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  1. Does anyone here know if any Holts locations have any Miu Miu wallets on sale? I went to check out the now or never sale in Vancouver yesterday, and the 3 Miu Miu wallets they had are now all gone. I know they were regular price before, but I'm not sure if they were snatched up on sale or gotten rid of (along with all the other Miu Miu stuff-the 2 remaining bags were such a sad site....). If anyone has seen any wallets around Holts please let me know!
  2. im sure they werent on sale, either they were snatched up or sent back to MIU MIU boutiques because holts will not carry miu miu anymore.=| the only way to get them is in the US.
  3. O my god!! Holts will not carry Miu Miu anymore??? is this Nationwide????????

    This is ridiculous!!! :mad: I really hope Miu Miu will soon open a boutique in Toronto!!!
  4. ^I know what you mean! I'm so sad that Miu Miu will no longer be carried at Holt's, as our selection was already so limited. Plus so many beautiful new bags are coming out this season.
  5. That's what I thought too (that they were all shipped back), however there were still 2 bags left on display. Guess they did get snatched up then :sad:
  6. I have not seen any miu miu wallets on sale at holts lately.