MIU MIU Wallet or Prada Wallet


Feb 11, 2009
Hi, I am looking for some advise; I want to buy a new wallet (blue leather) wallet either Miu Miu or Prada.
I think I will have to wait till next season or the season after that as my favourite has sold out in the UK.

It is blue and the ideal size for me. My question is; is there a noticeable difference in the quality between Miu Miu & Prada wallets (as there isn't that much difference in price). I personally prefer the Prada name, but I love the style & size of this Miu Miu wallet.

My next question, I want to only buy from Miu Miu or Prada direct. However, is it safe to buy online from their websites (I presume due to distance selling laws, people can return Miu Miu / Prada items they have bought online) so if that is the case, there is a chance I could buy a fake (sorry I suffer from anxiety).

Thank-you in advance for your knowledge / advise.

Kindest Regards