Miu Miu Vitello Shoulder bag - $371 at Saks

  1. Wow! Both are really good deals. Thanks :tup:
  2. how come when i click on the link its there but when i click handbags in the sale section it doesnt come out?...weird...
  3. Great deal on the Miu Miu!!
    Does anyone know how it opens, etc.? I hate how they don't have any addditonal photos!!

    Edit: If you zoom in on the Sabbia color handbag, there's this huge splotch on the lower left hand corner of the bag!! Is that what it's supposed to look like? It looks more like a stain someone tried to remove to me!
  4. Oh the Miu Miu is so cute! It's too bad it's so small. :sad:
  5. Great I got the mui mui bag thanks for the tip
  6. The Prada looks almost like a Muse bag.
    Everybody is copying everyone else :roflmfao:

    I do :love: it, but gone, poof :push:
  7. I know--it's weird how Saks does that! Every once in a while, I'll browse through their online shop and find bags that are on sale but AREN'T listed in their sale category. It's almost always the off-season colors that go on sale this way. So if you go to look at bags by your favorite designer on the Saks site, be sure to click on ALL of the bags that say "more colors available", because they might have that hidden sale listed inside.
  8. i like the zac posen and the prada.. but it's gone..
  9. I got one it folds over and snaps so it can be larger the leather is beautiful and not discolored. look on shopbob they show you how it opens, nice bag