miu miu vitello bag has arrived!!!

  1. Hi everyone,

    My SA at Nordie's managed to find me this pink miu miu vitello bag for a great price. Just want to share my excitement with all of my fellow tPFers. Here it is.:yahoo:
    P1010082 small.JPG P1010083 small.JPG
  2. The only problem about it is that there's a scratch on the bag. You can see it from the second pic. The leather is fine, but the mark is quite noticeable in certain angels under light. I'm wondering if there's some kind spray or something that can help to rub off the mark (or at least make it better). Since this is the last one left, I would hate to return it. What do you guys think?

    Here are some close up pics.
  3. what do you think? Should I keep it or return it?
    P1010078small.JPG P1010081small.JPG
  4. So cute! I have the large version (not sure if yours is the large, or not), but in the tan colour.
    I have been using this bag every day and have found it to be way more durable than I'd initially thought (the leather feels so soft). I've not been babying mind and it still hasn't gotten scratched or marked.
    Not sure how available they currently are... I guess I'd try to find one without a scratch if any others remained
  5. Love the color - congrats!
  6. Melisande, it's the small version, but it's roomy enough for me.

    Lady chinadoll, Thanks.
  7. I too have the large in tan. I think it's a keeper..........
  8. I heard leather moisturizer can help with scratch marks, did anyone try it before?
  9. Love the colour! Its so cute. I would keep it :smile:
  10. What a cute bag! The scratch doesn't look too bad...I'd keep it!
  11. Don't put any leather moisturizer on coz the pigment will come off. I had the small sachel (dunno the model name but it's a small lambskin shoulder bag with cotton lining?) which had ballpan marks at the backside (the only one left in HK at that time). I purchased it at the end and realize I can't use leather cleanser or moisturizer on the leather. Though your bag is great but unfortunately the scratch is too obvious....sorry!

    I couldn't understand why the production line is so careless - there was another one of same style back then but when the SA showed me there is a crack of 0.5mm on the lambskin right at front next to the buckle!!
  12. very pretty color! any modeling pics?
  13. Geesh, didn't think the scratch that obvious!!! Isn't going to get scratched anyhoo when you carry it ???
  14. ah, sorry about the scratch. can you remove it somehow?
  15. I used leather moisturizer on the handle of my tan bag. It didn't take any colour away or affect the leather, one way or the other.

    It's too bad that the scratch is right at the front like it is.