Miu miu undecided

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm looking into buying either :yahoo:
    Prada Soft Calf Handbag BR4259 in dark brown or Miu miu bow bag in Promice.

    This is how the Prada bag looks like but in dark brown instead of black.

    Can't decide between which one I should go for? I want to use it in dressy and casual occasion. Something that last the test of time. ;)
    Please help!

    Thanks ladies!
  2. Hm, tough choise! I have both bags but in other colours, both in a warm red brown colour (palissandro and sughero) and I love them very much, for basicly the same reasons!

    You could use both in the same way, the Prada looks a bit more "fancy" and have a super soft leather and the MM bow have a beautiful glazed "hard" leather and cute bows, but they´re both very classy and classic so..:smile:

    Even though I´m more of a Miu Miu fan than a Prada fan I would probably go for the dark brown Prada bag this time, just because of the colours, because brown is a easier colour to match I think, and you could also wear it all year around without it getting dirty as light colours might be (at least here in the north!). Both styles are long time keepers, dressy and casual I think thoug, but for the colour, I would go for the dark brown!

    Good luck!
  3. A very tough choice! I agree with ThingumyPoppy - I would go with the Prada this time.