Miu Miu Trivia

Prada Psycho

Jul 21, 2006
For all of you out there, especially me, who have been confused as to how the Miu Miu Matalesse, AKA: Coffer, got its name I'm bored and decided to poke around and find out. Here's where matelesse comes from:

Mate`las`se´ (må`lå`sã´)
a.1.Ornamented by means of an imitation or suggestion of quilting, the surface being marked by depressed lines which form squares or lozenges in relief; as, matelassé silks.n.1.A quilted ornamented dress fabric of silk or silk and wool.

Now with Coffer, here you go:
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For other uses, see Coffer (disambiguation).

Coffering on the ceiling of the Pantheon, Rome
A coffer (plural: coffering) in architecture, is a sunken panel in the shape of a square, rectangle, or octagon that serves as a structural or decorative device in a ceiling or vault.[1] These sunken panels may also be referred to as coffered ceilings, caissons, or, fancifully, lacunaria.[2]
Experimentation with the possible shapes of coffering, which solve problems of mathematical tiling, or tesselation, were a feature of Renaissance architecture. The more complicated problems of diminishing the scale of the individual coffers were presented by the requirements of curved surfaces of vaults and domes.


NOW I get it! :yes: :smartass: