Miu Miu tie dye leather

  1. Im new here so please excuse me if there is already a thread on this, i looked but could only find on the suede version.

    What are your thoughts on the Miu Miu tie dye tan and cream leather bag, (not the sude version)?

    Im on the fence about getting it, but so many people seem to really hate it.

    I have yet to see it online though. Any thoughts?
  2. I've really only seen the suede one- it is gorgeous though!
  3. Pics????????
  4. Sorry! here are the pics i found. :smile:
    21.JPG 111.JPG
  5. i've seen it and it looks good, but i don't think i can handle suede properly..
  6. It's suede? ..Not a fan of suede..I just sold all mine..I wish I could see the bag better..From what I CAN see that bags looks pretty cool!
  7. I know none of the pictures i've found are very clear..But its not suede, its leather.
  8. i saw the leather instore..and it has the most buttery leather i have seen!!! :drool: almost tooooooooo soft....
  9. Hmmm my SA is getting me the Blue Clutch in leather tie dye to see. Wonder if i will love it?? Dont think so :sad:
  10. ^Huh..would love to see that! Post pics before you send it back!! (or maybe you WON'T be sending it back!!!)
  11. Ok found a picture, SO NOT GETTING IT!!!

  12. I saw the blue tie-dye and burgundy/plum tie-die satchels at Saks. And, I thought they were beautiful. Very unique and interesting bags. They were suede, though, not leather.
  13. Hey, I know this is an old thread, but I figure these bags must be on sale by now ... has anyone spotted them on sale anywhere? BTW, I just found this gorgeous photo of the leather version, which seems to be harder to find than the suede:

  14. Where did you get this picture? Is this pic from an online store? I have been searching everywhere for this bag. Thanks :sweatdrop:
  15. Alas, no, it was not an online store. It was an article and I believe it stated that this particular bag was a limited edition only available in boutiques ... :p