Miu Miu Swallow clutch


needs to save
Jan 23, 2009

here is a modeling pics :smile: I am 5'7 :smile:

this is my husband's fave MM bag of mine

Chanel 0407

Aug 16, 2008
I love the one with crystals, but the one with strap I think could be used for day and evening cause the SA told me the strap is removable. I just wish that one had crystals instead of the leather swallow bird on it. There is like a $140 between the 2 and the one with strap is cheaper. I just would like to know the difference in size. The one with crystals looks bigger imo.
Dec 30, 2007
Hey, I am here for my comment...first of all the pics of the very first one, that was on sale at mytheresa.com, if you're still interested in that one look it up it should be around 309 euro...

But, if my opinion counts, I like the second one better, way better....I am like kiki, I am not really a clutch girl, and the only two clutches I own from Miu Miu don't wear them very often....Besides that, I think the second one rocks...if the strap were longer I"d love to wear it cross body but I am 5'9 and that's why I never got one of those...yes, I've seen both in real life....