miu miu sunglasses-- has anybody seen these?!

  1. mmm, i love them. :heart: any idea on retail/colors?

  2. I have not seen these before, but I'm loving them.
  3. I think they are really cute! I'm a sunglasses kinda gal so I may have to check these out!
  4. WOW!!! LOVE them....very nice..never seen them before though
  5. Gorgeous:love: Have never seen them before though so can't help you though :smile:
  6. Do they sell these sunglasses at regular dept stores like Nordstroms?
  7. stunning
  8. yes, i bought miu miu sunglasses last season from Harvey Nichols
  9. I bought a pair of Miu Miu sunglasses yesterday! I'm so happy!!:tup:

    check them out
  10. Wow, I really like those! Do you mind me asking where you bought them and for how much? :drool:
  11. thanks!
    I bought them from a store in Greece for 155€ ;)
  12. Saks has the one you want or very similar to that one
    go to miu miu brand> accesories there are two similar/same one similar to pic.

    and I saw very similar to Wild_rose's at NM website
  13. I saw these in olive in Florence.