Miu Miu stores in London, how many of them?

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  1. Hi ladies, I was looking at Miu Miu official website and found there were only two stores listed, one is the Bond Street one and the other one is in Selfridges.

    I'm sure there are more Miu Miu stores in London since at least Liberty has a display place for Miu Miu, where else can I find Miu Miu here?

    Also, as to the Christmas sale, when do they start normally? I'm going to Norway for Christmas on the 18th of December and I am hoping to get a discounted Harlequin before then/:wlae: don't know if they'd be on sale but let's hope so!:heart:
  2. Hi Harvey Nichols and Harrods sell Miu Miu . I belive Matches does on the outskirts of London. There is just the one Miu Miu stand alone boutique and the franchise in Selfridges. I know there is at least one other smaller store that sells them but I can't remember it's name.
  3. Another store is liberty
  4. Thanks lilackatz and Kitty2sweet! I'd check them out at some point.

    As to the Christmas sale, when do they normally start in Harrods, Selfridges etc?
  5. christmas sale at harrrods usually starts right after christmas on dec 27th.

    harrods, matches, brown´s fashion, selfridges and harvey&nichols also carry miu miu in london!!!
  6. I think that covers them all. Harvey Nichols sale usually starts first but you can look it up online nearer the time.