Miu Miu St. Cocco's Satchels

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I've become obsessed with the St. Cocco's range from Miu Miu. A few days ago I found this gorgeous bag in nude (Laetitia?) on bluefly, unfortunately it's now gone. I am contemplating buying the smaller, croc-embossed version but am not sure.

    I know that the nude is more versatile, but I have been looking for a croc-embossed bag for a while now. I know that there are nude & bigger bags on styledrops, etc... but since I am a college student I can't afford to spend 1,500. I do have to take money into consideration.

    Anywhoo, after this long rant :yes: I would just like your opinion on whether I should go for the croc-embossed bag or not? Also, any ladies who own this bag/are contemplating to buy it; your opinion is more than welcome!!

    Thank you!!
    Miu 1.jpg bab5_1.JPG
  2. Hi Leefi ! We are just in the same era..I am coveting St.Cocco line nowadays and have at least 4 listings in MyEbay..surprisingly all authentic !! At first I was also hooked by the croc style and people keep telling you "oh,it's so rare..you can only find it in miumiu boutiques and if you are lucky.." It might be true but if you can pass through the first phase of obsession you get to a stage where you tell yourself, "ok,if I wanted to buy a croc style ,I would go for a real one,why buy a croc-like ??" At least this is what happened to me.Moreover,the plain ones look more youthfull if you ask me,the other says "I'm here to show off !" like a middle-age prada
    ..I don't know..if I had the money I would go for the plain one...plus they are not yet on any eBay site !! which means they are not yet discovered but will be soon,I"m expecting to see a rush for them in feb-march where spring is closer.[ok,I'm talking from Europe now] Anways,if you are still interested in croc-like, there are also 2 on german eBay,


    and if you find more pics,could you please post on this thread ?? Thanks!
  3. you know, i've been looking at the listings at bluefly for a while now. and i think i like the bigger version in smoke grey more than croc syle!! the only problem is, that i live in europe as well and can't have the bag sent to me. i would have a friend from ny bring it over, but i can't even register my credit card (since it's german) and i wouldn't want to do it with hers...

    have you seen other version of this bag on german eBay? or any other ebay than us for that matter? thanks!!
  4. hello there :biggrin:
    i saw the croc one in pale yellow (or was it beige) that a gilr was carrying. i saw it twice so i got a real good view ;) it was so beautiful to say the least! i like the double compartments look and it looked so elegent with the croc leather details. :love:
  5. i was considering both of those! but i was distracted by prada glace.
    i think they are both lovely!
  6. hahaha what does a "middle age prada" look like? :p
  7. ^lol. yea, i'd like to know too.

    you got a point here, wildberry. but a real croc bag would cost so much more, and if i have the money for a real croc, forget about prada, middle-age or not :upsidedown:

    i feel that one has to check out the bigger bag irl. i've heard that it's quite massive. it's probably better as a handcarry luggage bag. jmho ;)
  8. Hello, I saw a gray bag yesterday in prague in a boutique. Looks fabulous!!!
  9. i think i'm going to go for the grey bowler bag...it's so gorgeous!!
  10. Nope,nothing on any of the ebays yet.Only mytheresa http://www.mytheresa.com/shop/manufacturers.php?manufacturerid=271&cat=4 has the smaller sizes of the plain ones.If I were you,I would have asked them by phone to check if they could order and send over to you..alternatively,you can come over here[Italy] and have a day of joyful shopping at MiuMiu store.I just checked with them,they have all sizes and colours :yes: only waiting for us to throw away the bancnotes ;) lol..
  11. oh,I forgot to write,there is also one 100% feedback seller called "sandra911"[ selling all prada and miumiu , see if they can do something..:supacool:
  12. wildberry - what was your impression of the different sizes? Is the small really small? is the large like luggage?
  13. ooops,I'm here again !

    I checked out a white croco in a retailer and found out that it's big enough for traditional work use.If you are working and do not carry a lot of files,it's more than enough,you just may not carry anything A4 size.Or you may have to bend it so that it fits the bag. The bigger size,no,I haven't seen in person but from what I can imagine,it's just for a college girl or an intern because it has a lot of space.It can even make a good weekender imo !! So it's definitely up to you.Personally I feel more secure having big bags because I have to be sure I have all my pens,notepads,magazines,beauty stuff are there[ just takes time to take out my keys :smile: ] whenever I need...On the other hand the asian model in the picture[ I'm not sure if you have seen it on another thread,I will post once again when I find] looks like a highschool girl waiting her mom to pick her up..:lol: ...you know it's all relative.I think both bags are gorgeous.I wish Santa to give us the money to afford both !!!!:yahoo:
  14. here are the big sizes in grey !
    cocco1.jpg cocco2.jpg
  15. and the small one !