Miu Miu St. Cocco Wristlet - yes or no?


Miu Miu wristlet - buy it or not?

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  1. I've been trying to look for a pouch thing to put inside my bag for loose things such as lip glosses, credit cards (I'm trying to avoid using a wallet), license, pens, etc. This wristlet is one of my options and I think I can only get it at Saks:


    Yay or nay?

    Actually if anybody has this, comments are surely welcome!
  2. I actually think a Coach wristlet would be so much nicer!
  3. I like it!
  4. it's cute!!! and reasonable price!!!
  5. I like it alot! Esp the grey! :smile:
  6. cute!!
  7. It's very cute and great for night out if you don't want to carry a purse!

    I did consider it but will never work for me since I need a pouch for all my pouches! This one will probably split from all the stuff that I try accumulate on a daily basis. Hee.

    Saks has a slightly roomier black one if you wish to consider it!

  8. I like the patent one much better...the other is cute, but it's only 1/4" deep - don't think you could fit that much in it!
  9. I was out today to get one in black,no chance,all were gone,first day of sale season in Milan..:sad:, it was euro.115=usd.170 after discount.Go for it,just for a night out to abuse the livers:okay:
  10. Wow it was sold out?

    I agree it's a good price for a Miu Miu piece, but I don't want to get it just because of that hehe.

    linpaddy, I was looking at that pouchette too. I think it's about the same price as an LV Wapity, which is one my options.
  11. i like it! cute with the gold color