Miu Miu Spring 2008 Collection: Lots of Pics from Japan Fashion Mag

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  1. Hello ladies,

    Here's a treat for this morning. Contained within these pictures are pictures of the Spring 2008 collection. Note that some of the purses are from the fall/winter 07 collection that are still currently available in stores.

    Can you spot your bags/purses? Unfortunately, there is no coffer showcase (that's in another magazine) but there are lots of other purses to drool over.
    DSCN0558.jpg DSCN0561.jpg DSCN0562.jpg DSCN0563.jpg
  2. I love japanese mags!!! They always have tons of content and list the price of the items :graucho: Can't find any of my bags though :sad: thx for posting!! :heart:
  3. which mag is tat?

  4. Uhhh... NO... BUT I can spot my next ones... hee hee hee!!! Thanks linpaddy!
  5. Is that kind of a pinky/mauve bow bag I spy there??? I :heart: that!
  6. Oh my goodiee..... I can just picture all those handbags in my closet :nuts: HAhah. yea right, in OUR dreams, right girls? :sweatdrop:

    I see some.. BOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool::graucho::nuts:
  7. lovely eye candies! Thanks a lot for posting, now I'm inspired! ;)
  8. Unfortunately, I cannot translate the name of the magazine. It was my DH who spotted it. He usually looks for them for me.

    If you are interested in a particular design, I can also send you the dimensions of the purse. Just PM me. Japanese magazines are incredibly detail oriented, right down to the exact pricing (in yen) and measurements!

    I also have detailed pages on Hermes, Coach, Gucci, LV, and Chanel. Just for Hermes alone, there is a full page on leather type!

    My picts don't do justice to the incredible photography but I will hopefully get a scanner soon. :tup:
  9. thanks for posting linpaddy!
  10. Wow, even if I had the cash to splurge on another bag I wouldn't even know which one to get - they're all so fabulous!
  11. All these Japanese mags..they R amazing! Wish I can buy them here!!! Great pics :heart:
  12. I just took my first step towards Miu Miu this year... with an "entry level" purchase of St Cocco lux wallet in Alluminio.

    These bags featured in the Jap mag are driving me to insanity.... Must... resist.... argh.....
  13. japan has a lot of these mags showing just handbags and purses each month. one i get has an english word in it 'bazar'
  14. I want a pale pink miu miu....especially coffer
  15. thanks for scanning!!!