Miu Miu Spring 10 @ Bal Harbour

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  1. Hi everybody, I got this picture from Bahareh at Bal Harbour as this is the bag from the spring ads. I don't know the price but if anybody is interested pm me and I'll send you Bahareh's info. They do ship internationally as well.


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  2. how much is it f?!

    r u getting it? it has everything u r looking for
  3. I know, I thought about it but honestly I think it's too much: braided handle, chain, and quilting...it's a bit too much don't you think? She sent it to me because of the silver hardware and I like it but 1. I find it a bit too much and 2. I think it's out of my price range....I believe the price in euros was 1,500 so I am not sure the price in USD. I'd love to get the smaller version with the leather strap but I need to know how big it is...I want a version that's big enough for every day use....
  4. then it has to be 1895 :smile:
  5. wow, that's one expensive bag! I like it, but I can't afford it.

    Ok, I have concluded, I have been in denial...I love the bag but I can't afford it! that's it. I said it!! lol....it's beautiful and would buy it in a heartbeat if it had another price....
  6. you should get the alexa or PS1 - very similar and cheaper ;)
  7. oh trust me, I have been eyeing the Alexa for Fall 2010...they have it in silver hardware...I need it!!

    I also want a Longchamp Gatsby....I asked my parents to bring me that one...and I want a Michael Kors watch, I am diversifying from Miu miu lol
  8. I love the BH store, the girl that sent you the pic is the one that sold me my first Miu Miu recently.
  9. Yes, she's really nice and always thinks about bags I could like....
  10. Wow, that has way too much going on. I like some of the details individually, but not all on one bag.