miu miu soft frame bag

  1. hi guys!

    i was at Saks today and i saw the beautiful soft frame bag~~~ i love it sooooo much!!!!!

    but i wanted to ask if you guys know if this is a season thing or a classic for miu miu...i dont like buying things that might go on sale! im always wondering why miu miu bags are so expensive!!! it costs just as much as a b-bag...but the leather itself is to die for! thanks for ur help!!
  2. I always buy my Prada if I love it..By sale time..they are GONE.MIUMIU is similiar..I havent seen any sales on their bags recently..they sell out fast..DYING to see this frame bag now!!LOL !Sounds HOT!
  3. jill it is sooo cute! i cant stop thinking about it...but i just really dont wanna watch it go on sale! lol
  4. ^ it prob wont.They never last in the stores.
    Get it and post a pic!!LOL
  5. ^^ ditto :cutesy:
  6. Last winter the Prada frame bags with the roses went on sale at Barneys. They may have had others on sale then too. I'm not sure, since I had my eye on the frame bags.
  7. ^^ This is true, but those frame bags were less popular than the ones that were made this year. It's hard to tell how much will be left by sale time.
  8. thanks for the help guys! i thikn im getting it...hehehe will keep you guys updated!!!
  9. wooooooooooo-whoooooooooo, here's a little teaser 'till you get yours :yahoo:
    DSCF2919 REV.jpg
  10. Thats a cute bag^^!
  11. i like that frame bag! it is cute!
  12. hey guys...it really is...and its even yummier in IRL...i dont thikn the pictures do it justice at all!
  13. Could you take a picture carrying it, pretty please? :heart:
  14. hey picolo you gotta ask our sweet aaallabama to help us do that! im still waiting to pull the trigger hehe
  15. does anyone know if bloomies carries miu miu? thought i might be able to find this bag there!