Miu Miu sizing question

  1. Eyeing a pair of boots and the double-strap Mary Janes...how do they run? I've never tried them on. I'm 8 US, usually 38 Euro.

    The boots are available in 38 and 38.5...

    While the shoes are only available in 38. Too tight for US 8's??

  2. I would assume that Miu Miu fit the same as the regular Prada line. TTS.

    I've never tried Miu Miu though.
  3. This is hard ... I think Miu Miu sizing is erratic and they brand often run a tiny bit bigger than Prada. I'm always a 40.5 in Prada but I have three pairs of Miu Mius in sizes 39.5, 40 and 40.5. How's the return policy? Maybe order both? I LOVE those Mary Janes, by the way.
  4. thanks for the input! they're from NAP and I'm always bad about returning things in a timely fashion to them :shame:
  5. hmm i'm usually EU37 but for Miu Miu and Prada i can wear from 36 , 36.5 and 37 lol. yes i agree, the sizing is erratic, just like CL. i think going a half size down your usual size would be the safest for Miu Miu b/c so far i've been doing that and most of my Miu Mius are 36.5. hope that helps! good luck =)
  6. ^ thanks, ld! ;)
  7. I don't know if this helps or confuses the matter. I used to go down 1/2 a size in Miu Miu, but I purchased a pair of patent peep toes this summer and a pair of patent loafers... and had to go to my normal size. I've never had to go up in Miu Miu, though
  8. Those Miu Miu patent Mary Janes (with the double strap) -- 2nd photo above -- actually run narrow/a little bit small, which is a first for me (and my experience with Miu Miu's/Prada's, which nearly always runs true-to-size or even a tiny bit big). I'd size up 1/2 a size or so for the Miu Miu double-strap patent Mary Jane's.
  9. just as I feared - with patent I find that I need to go a half size bigger. And NAP's sold out of all but the 38s for the Mary Janes :crybaby:

    Eh, I'm going to suck it up and order them anyway - won't hurt! Just must remember to return on time if I don't want them ;)