miu miu sizing for these shoes

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  1. If anyone ever so kind could tell me in these shoes, if they would be too big for me.
    borrowed from brasilanbabe

    I usually buy a size 38.5-39 in Chanel.
    Size 38.5 in Christian Louboutin.
    Size 38.5 in Bally.
    Size 37.5- 38 in Chloe.

    I'm thinking of buying it in a size 38.5 Do you think it will be too big? I've read miu miu can be big in size.
  2. Does anyone know the name of these shoes?
  3. i don't know about anyone else but i have a pair of miu miu boots and they are true to size for me
  4. I thinka 381/2 is ok for u..MIU MIU runs TTS for me as well.I usually go up half a size for Loboutins and Chanels
  5. thanks Jill and frenchbunny.
  6. I own both flats and heels from Miu Miu. They are pretty true to size especially the flats. I think you are safe to get them in 38.5.
  7. thanks hsiaomee