Miu Miu shoe size - does it run smaller??

  1. I don't live near any high end brand stores :sad:
    So I have to buy through phone or online~

    I found a pair of patent pumps.. & I want to buy.
    I'm a size 6.5 in the US. but i hear that a lot of designers sizes run a bit smaller than the US. so i was wondering if any of you miu miu shoe owners could tell me if this is true and by how much~? THANK U
  2. all my MIU MIU shoes are TRUE TO SIZE
  3. im sorri if this is a stupid question
    but does that mean it's the same as US size?
  4. yep...I usually go up half a size in european shoes..HOWEVER with PRADA and MIU MIU..I stay in my normal US sizes.
  5. prada & miu miu run large for me. I am a 36 in louboutins, 35 1/2 in manolos/choos, but 35 in miu mius
  6. ^ omg that is so confusing.
    one person says its the same and the other person says its actually bigger.

    i dont know what to do now~
  7. They seem about the same size to me. I haven't had to get a bigger or smaller size than my normal US size. Have you asked a sales rep? I can only answer your question based off of my individual experience, but since they work with lots of customers, I'm sure they would have a better answer. Good luck! I hope the shoes will fit!
  8. I have three or four pairs of Miu Mius, and I wear the same as my US size (37.5/7.5). I don't have to size up for Manolos either, wear a 37.5; I have to size up to a 38 for Jimmy Choos.
  9. thanks guys
    im gonna stick with my own size & see how it works! thanks!
  10. Depending on the shoe they run true to size or big in my experience.
  11. i have several pairs of miu miu shoes and i find that they are true to size. so i would say just buy your size...
  12. Wow, it really is confusing..

    I think they run pretty big.. I am 39 in Miu Miu and 39,5/40 in most other brands..
  13. I have a few Miu Miu shoes and I would say they run pretty true to size too.
  14. For me Miu Miu shoes run true to size.
  15. I've experienced they run a little big.